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We're All In This Together!

At Together Farms, we believe that we are all on this Earth together. As such, we need to care for and work with the land to create a symbiotic relationship in which humans, animals, and plants work together to sustain each other. 

We practice Intensive Rotational Grazing where our livestock is moved every 1 to 3 days. We give our animals minerals and salt, and high-quality apple cider and vinegar dosed right into their water. Our animals have lots of room to roam so they can use their natural instincts and behaviors.

It’s important to know what you’re eating. But more importantly, we want to tell you what you’re eating. There aren’t any weird chemicals like nitrates/ites, monosodium glutamate, pesticides, herbicides, or unnatural ingredients in our meat. We grow high-quality animals who are treated and processed humanely. We don’t play any gimmicks with grass feeding terms that are meant to confuse you - our animals are born and raised here and are fed no grain ever. Just grass/clover, minerals, apple cider vinegar, and some essential oils.

Meet The Farmers!

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Andy Schneider

Spectacular carpenter by day, farmer by night, and burger chef or bartender on weekends. Yes, Andy still has his off-farm full-time day job*. Yes, he usually still thinks it’s a good idea to be married to me and to let me do all the writing. :) Mostly though, he’s the one behind the scenes actually doing the work and seeing things through to completion, all while listening to me talk about the next projects (this is why I said “usually”). Poor guy. Did I mention he didn’t have any farming experience before this? Check out the Volunteer Page if you want to help him out. Also, be sure to ask a lot of questions if you’re thinking about getting married.

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Stephanie Schneider

Hey Everyone! I’m the one writing. I have a bunch of degrees that gave me all the “how’s” and “what’s” for eating and living well, but it wasn’t until we had our daughters that I had a real “why”. So, when Mady was 3 and Adeyle was 6 months, we bought the farm and starting making the changes we knew we needed to make for ourselves, including raising our own meat. I pretty much wanted to do it all and re-create the little house on the prairie, but quickly realized there just weren’t enough hours in the day or dollars in the bank to do that: a job and farmer’s markets. So, things we least liked or that least liked us (ask to hear the “goose story”) got the axe (sometimes literally….again, goose story), until we eventually ended up with beef, pork, and lamb and my third child: Burger Night. In 2019, I was able to quit the day job and really focus all my energy on the farm and YOU! So thanks a million for visiting us - I sure hope I get to meet you sometime soon too! :)

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Mady Schneider

Our oldest daughter. Poor girl had a lot put on her shoulders since I was always busy, busy, busy with trying to do everything. Fortunately, she’s extremely bright, willing to help, and often does so with a sometimes-too-delightful sarcasm. She’s not super into people, and if she’s taken your order at Burger Night you may have found this out first-hand, but trust me, she’s amazing behind-the-scenes! Sadly, she dreams of going to Harvard, moving to a huge city, and being a forensic scientist.

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Adeyle Schneider

Our youngest daughter, basically the opposite of Mady, which makes for really good times around here. :) She’s a people person, a storyteller, and a girly girl. She loves cats, fashion, TikTok, and her best friend Sami (they may say they are twins if they take your order at Burger Night). Her super power is avoiding work (shhhh…..don’t tell her taking orders is work).