Good Fat Skincare

Good Fat Skincare & Fat Burner Candles: Do you find it weird we carry all these other things that aren't meat? Well, we believe in respecting and honoring our animals by using and valuing everything they produce for us, like fat (oil). Using the entire animal is true sustainability. And, as a reward for doing good, it turns out that the fat from the animals also creates an exceptional product!! I get many compliments from people that can't use other stuff. This also means we are replacing soaps that are made from imported oils that are sometimes grown in not-so-environmentally-friendly ways (like rainforest destruction), so.....let's keep it local and support our communities, honor the animal and feel great on the inside and nourished on the outside! If you want to be nourished on the inside and then look great on the outside, check out our meat! :)

Good Fat Skincare, Lip Balm, Frankincense

With Frankincense Lip Balm you can have that warm and spicy aroma, while also taking care of your lips!

Good Fat Skincare, Lip Balm, Goodnight Kiss

Have you ever kissed someone goodnight and their lip balm was...not the best smelling/tasting thing? Bring that to an end with our Goodnight Kiss lip balm, which has the perfect aroma for a sweet and relaxing goodnight kiss.

Good Fat Skincare, Soap, Detox

Activated charcoal and essential oils make this the one perfect for face cleansing. 4.5 oz bar

Good Fat Skincare, Soap, Kitchen Kleen

With Coffee Grounds and Activated Charcoal, the Kitchen Kleen soap makes sure no smells or grime stick around! 4.5 oz bar