Bundle, Beef!

Bundle, Beef!

Fill Your Little Freezer!
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Save $$ and Get All Your Favorite Cuts!

Eat Healthy Every Day! A great way to save a little money and fill your freezer with health-promoting 100% grassfed beef! Get a perfect variety of cuts but without committing to an entire quarter (this is basically an 1/8 of a cow), great if you have a small freezer, want to try out buying in bulk or need to budget a little. What you'll get: 

~ 20lbs of Ground Beef 
~ 2lbs NY Strip Steak
~ 3lbs Ribeye Steak
~ 1lb Tenderloin Steak
~ 2lbs Stir Fry Meat
~ 2lbs Stew Meat
2 Arm and/or Chuck Roasts (each 3-3.5#)
~ 3lbs Short Ribs
Total: approx. 40 lbs

All packages are clearly labeled with cut name and are vacuum sealed for practically indefinite freezer life (if kept frozen). You'll need roughly 2 cubic feet of freezer space.

How much is right for you? 


Picture shows a quarter of a beef (so it's about half of that). :) 

Reminder that meat membership cards and other sales and discounts cannot be used or combined with bulk or bundles. Due to weight variability bundle final weights are adjusted by the bundle's discounted $/lb to match the actual final product weight.

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