Beef, Deposit, Half, April 25, 2019

Beef, Deposit, Half, April 25, 2019

Smaller Beef! Free ebook!
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Perfect for smaller families, singles or someone that wants to try out bulk buying without getting quite so much product. 

Or, maybe these are small enough that you can get the best $/# available with a whole and not be too overwhelmed with meat!? 

This group of beef are Lowline Angus. We've heard fabulous things about them and their ability to convert grass to usable meat. Roughly 85% the size of our typical full-sized beef. The numbers below have been adjusted to reflect what we are expecting. 

Beef halves are $4.50/lb hanging weight. 

Our beef is dry aged for about 2 weeks in order to improve flavor and increase tenderness. Plan for about 1 month from the time of butchering until we have the meat picked up and ready for delivery.

You will receive an email with all the details after we've received the deposit. 

Worried about mystery meat or not having any idea how to give a butcher cutting instructions? We've got you covered! 

Anyone that purchases a quarter, half or whole also receives our Meat to Meals: Quarter Cow ebook absolutely FREE! The book contains example cutting instructions, recipes for every cut you'll get back based on those instructions, labels, a grocery list that automatically updates based on the meals you tell it you want to make! I think you'll love it! 

Did you find another farm to purchase from? No worries! We still want to help you use all of your animal and to use it well. You can find the ebook that autosends  here

A Half Beef averages ~280lbs x $4.50/lb = ~$1,260 (every cow is different, so final pounds and price may vary). Your initial deposit goes towards your total amount, which is due at the time of delivery.  You can set this up with Stephanie via phone or email. We pick up the beef from the butcher and arrange a convenient time/location to meet you. 

Take home weight from a half is approximately 66% of the hanging weight (we are assuming the lowlines will cut out slightly better but we don't know by how much yet) = 185lbs. Making the cost of the beef in your freezer about $7.81/lb. This $7.81/lb includes ribeye steaks as well as ground beef. Think of buying in bulk as a way to get high-end cuts below even wholesale pricing and a way to make all the cuts exactly as you want (as thick as you want, packaged however you want, etc) and to have them available (we are constantly selling out of cuts). 

: to maximize your $$, keep as many high-end cuts as you can and purchase cases of ground beef from us.

Why buy this way if it's not super cheap?

Think of buying in bulk as a way to get high-end cuts below even wholesale pricing and a way to make all the cuts exactly as you want (as thick as you want, packaged however you want, etc) and to have them available (we are constantly selling out of cuts). It's also extremely convenient for you to have all this meat on-hand and not have to run to the grocery store (think about how much this alone could save you in time & $$). It's also wonderful for us and helps us keep our marketing, transport and storage prices lower for this and for everything else. 

Did you notice a lot of different prices from different farmers and you're wondering why if it's basically the same product? 

Assuming it really is the same product (labels in the grocery store are mostly lies), the easiest answer is that we all have very different costs (some buy their farm, some inherit the land/animals/buildings/fences/wells while others (that'd be us) have to start from square 1 incurring every expense and taking on lots of start-up debts. Since we have no farming or business experience we did also make some costly mistakes along the way. Some are also impacted by the weather more dramatically (that'd be us again, see here, during our start-up years when it was the most painful), some are also putting in more and better inputs like high quality free-choice minerals, apple cider vinegar, essential oils instead of chemicals because the goal is a nutrient-dense product (yep - that's us again!), some of us are also counting different costs and trying to pay ourselves a decent wage so we can leave the full-time day jobs and focus on just creating healthy food for you....that's 100% us. :)

A Whole Beef is the best Bulk deal averaging ~550lbs x $3.95 = ~$2,172.50 (every cow is different, so final pounds and price may vary). We do encourage "cowpooling" if you can find someone (or multiple people) to split a whole bulk with you to get the best price! So if you were considering getting a half or a quarter but would like to get the lowest whole pricing, perhaps you can find someone (or multiple people) to go in with you?

Our slow-to-grow, pasture-raised beef offers you the convenience of quality beef at your fingertips! From summer grilling to holiday parties, you will experience the practical convenience of having a broad selection of cuts in your freezer whenever needed. If you care about time savings, economical savings, and health savings, order beef in bulk from Together Farms today! 


  • Automatic delivery fees will be taken off the deposit total before before processing.
  • There is a 3% convenience fee added to credit card payments on the remaining balance due at delivery (after the deposit is taken off). 
  • Free shipping does not apply to quarters/halves/wholes.
  • Meat membership cards and other sales and discounts cannot be used or combined with bulk or bundles.
  • Partial payments can be made any time, email Stephanie at
  • More Questions? We are here to help! 
    • Head over and become a member of our Together Farms: Let's Connect! Facebook group for any tips, tricks recipe ideas or to share your favorite recipe/way to use one of our products!
    • See our blog for our bulk FAQ that explains (over-explains??) cuts, terms pricing, etc (note that it contains old pricing, the numbers here are current) as well as our website.

Approximate Freezer space needed (cubic foot = 1' cube, think milk crate):

  • Quarter Beef: 4 cubic feet 
  • Half Beef: 6 cubic feet 
  • Whole Beef: 12 cubic feet