Bundle, Bacon!

Bundle, Bacon!

It's Back!
Sold Out

It's rare we have all these bacon's in stock, so this bundle probably won't last long. And, the only time we put bacon on sale is when we need freezer space or something broke and we need money.....so don't let this deal pass you by! 

You'll get: 

1 package of our Regular Belly Bacon

1 package of our Canadian Bacon (perfect for pizza night!)

1 package of Jowl Bacon (if you haven't tried jowl....now's your chance! it's delicious!)

1 package of Shoulder Bacon (for the person that prefers less fat and more meat on their bacon)

-Price will be adjusted based on the actual final weight of the case. Some products end up weighing a little over/under a certain "pound," so we will only charge you for what we give you in total weight! Example: if your 1lb ground beef actually weighs .8lb we would charge you a little less than a pound, and if it weighs 1.2lbs we would charge you a little more than a pound.  

Reminder that meat membership cards and other sales and discounts cannot be used or combined with bulk or bundles. Due to weight variability bundle final weights are adjusted by the bundle's discounted $/lb to match the actual final product weight.

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