Bundle, Beef & Easy

Bundle, Beef & Easy

Slow Cooker & InstaPot Lovers!! FREE Ebook!
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Convenient AND Healthy AND Low Price! It's an almost unheard of combination, but you have, indeed, found the very rare exception. Yay you!

We now have lots of bundles just for you Crock Pot and InstaPot lovers (see the bundles page or tag)! You can definitely eat well and NOT be a slave to the kitchen, especially when you do smart things like buy bundles and ebooks that will help you have the time and money to be your best you! With this bundle, you'll get: 

1 Beef Roast (~3#)

1 package of Beef Short Ribs (~2.5#)

2 package of Beef Stew Meat (~2#)

1 FREE ebook with a recipe for each cut! Recipes are different from all other ebooks.

Our happy cows are all raised organically on pasture, eating 100% grass and clovers....the way nature intended! 

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Note: bundles are excluded from meat membership cards and other offers or discounts. Due to weight variability bundle final weights are adjusted by the bundle's discounted $/lb to match the actual final product weight.

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