Brat Bonanza! 6/pkg

Brat Bonanza! 6/pkg

6 brats/pkg

*PLEASE READ* Let us know which flavors of in-stock brats you would like or you can't complain about what we pick! :)

Mix and match from all our 6-pork brat packages to get your perfect bundle of flavors! Plus free shipping! 

Options may include: 

  • Regular
  • Onion
  • Garlic
  • Wild Rice

    Brats are perfect for fast lunches, suppers or even get togethers or potlucks! You really can't lose with these. 

    We also have a Brat Bonanza bundle with brats in 4/package for smaller families or appetites.

    Note that price will be adjusted based on the actual final weight of the brats. The full retail price includes shipping because there is a big savings there too that we shouldn't ignore! The picture is of the 4-packs, not the 6-packs. 

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