Bundle, Beef Snack Sticks

Bundle, Beef Snack Sticks

8 pkgs, 6 oz each
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You've figured out how great these are for on-the-go snacking and how well they work in Bloody Mary's so now you may as well save a couple bucks, get some variety and have a stash ready at your fingertips! Or, maybe those darn kids have figured out how great they are and they keep eating them all on you! In any case, this bundle should help for a bit and if you only want one favor....we can do that too! 

Our snack sticks are also super great because you really don't have to thaw them completely and can eat from frozen if you're starving (not that I've ever done this, I've just heard about it). 

2 of each flavor (or mix and match! but then let us know which ones you'd like in the order comments): BBQ, Jalapeno, Pepperoni, Regular

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