8 Freezer Meal Bundle: B

8 Freezer Meal Bundle: B

NEW! Fill Your Freezer for just $3.81/serving!
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New! Instead of ordering meals a la cart, because you don't have time to remember to do that every week, we are offering bundles of 8 meals.

Bundle B Includes: 

  • Beef & Broccoli (1# chuck steak)
  • Chicken & Wild Rice Soup (1# chicken)
  • Chicken Curry (1# chicken)
  • Curried Pork Chops (3# pork chops)
  • Chinese Pepper Steak (1# sirloin steak)
  • Mexican Pork & Sweet Potato Stew (1# pork)
  • Spicy Rib Appetizer (3# pork spareribs, individually cut)
  • Mocha Chili Ribs with Chocolate Chili Stardust (Add a bottle of wine for great gift or date night!) (4 lb pork spareribs)

Love leftovers? Have hungry teenagers? Add extra meat to any of them to stretch the number of servings! We simply charge the cost of the meat from our store. Add to your order comments.

These have limited availability and will not be available for shipment every week. Please also notice that they have an earlier deadline than our other products. You will receive an email with the shipping date after we've received your order, we will assume you'd like the next available date but leave a comment if that's not your preference.

Next Ship Date: 

  • Nov 19th (order deadline Thursday, Nov 15th)
  • Nov 26th (order deadline Thursday, Nov 22nd)
    Dec 10th (order deadline Thursday, Dec 6th)
    Dec 17th (order deadline Thursday, Dec 13th)

FREE SHIPPING! For Eau Claire and the SpeeDee area. Shipping discounts to those Outside Speedee will still apply!

Contact Stephanie for the full listing of ingredients but NOT included: gluten, dairy, soy (besides Tamari Gluten-Free Organic Soy Sauce)

All veggies are certified organic. All meat, except the organic chicken from Just Local Foods Co-op, is from Together Farms, so the beef is 100% grassfed and the pork is pastured and both are organically raised to be nutrient-dense. 

Basically these are just meat, veggies and seasonings! Perfect for people with allergies or on special diets. But you can add bread, starch sides, salads or desserts to really complete the meal.


No Weird Stuff