Slow Cooker Meal Kit, Bacon-Wrapped Kalua Pork

Slow Cooker Meal Kit, Bacon-Wrapped Kalua Pork

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"We just feasted on the bacon pork roast. For a minute we all thought we were in Heaven. That is our new Christmas fare! Thank you!" - Nancy R

"[We} just had the Bacon Wrapped Kalua Pork and it was AMAZING!!!! We are doing Thanksgiving here, just the four of us this year, so we were wondering if you have another Bacon Wrapped Kalua Pork for Thanksgiving?" - Katie F

Simple, but always gets compliments! Sometimes, the best meals are the ones that use a few high quality ingredients cooked very well. 

Doing Whole30? Let me know you'd like sugar-free bacon in the comments and you can enjoy this meal guilt-free! 

Servings: We think this meal can easily serve over 12 people if you assume 1/4# of meat per person, plus you'll surely have a few sides to serve with it so expect leftovers or invite your friends for a low-stress dinner party! The world needs more dinner parties.

No more stressful hurrying when you get home at the end of an already long day, just open the slow cooker and TaDa! supper is served! (Plus, you'll probably have leftovers for lunch tomorrow!)

Together Farm’s heritage pork is organically and humanely raised on pasture at Together Farms with no weird stuff added to the final sausages or products, all veggies are certified organic, spices and sauces are usually organic, with a few small exceptions that will be noted on the labels.

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TF Pastured No-Weird-Stuff Pork (2.5-3.5#)*, TF no-weird-stuff Bacon (can sub sugar-free)*, Garlic Cloves, Sea Salt, Smoked Paprika* *Organic, Certified Naturally Grown or raised by a trusted source