Ground Beef, Case (28#)

Ground Beef, Case (28#)

28 lbs total* in 28 one-pound packages or 14 two-pound packages (package size is based on availability, we assume 1lb packages unless we hear differently in the order comments).

Our ground beef is made from cattle right here on our Wisconsin farm that eat only grass - no grain ever - which is verified by the only trustworthy 3rd party verifier at this time, American Grassfed Approved, so you can trust our labels and feel confident that you are actually getting what you are paying for. 

Fat content tends to be around 90-95%, so definitely leaner than most other ground beef out there. To add more fat, melt some tallow in the pan before frying, or mix a little lard or ground pork in before shaping. 

Bonus! Our square packaging allows you to more easily stack the squares in your freezer! But do note that we work with two different butchers so you may get the squares that are pictured here or you may get the traditional chubs. 


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*Price will be adjusted based on the actual final weight of the case. Some products end up weighing a little over/under a certain "pound," so we will only charge you for what we give you in total weight! Example: if your 1lb ground beef actually weighs .8lb we would charge you a little less than a pound, and if it weighs 1.2lbs we would charge you a little more than a pound.  

Reminder that meat membership cards and other sales and discounts cannot be used or combined with bulk or bundles.

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