Lamb, Deposit, Whole, April 2019

Lamb, Deposit, Whole, April 2019

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Whole lambs are $7/lb hanging weight.

Lamb is always running out of stock. We also make limited cuts. So to ensure you have some lamb in your freezer and you have the cuts you want, you should get a whole lamb! You'll end up with about 35-40 lbs of meat in your freezer depending on what cuts you want (for example, you'll end up with less in your freezer if you take out all the bones and have everything ground up).

Hanging weights (the meat and bones) are usually around 65lbs meaning ~65lb x $7.00 = ~$455 (every lamb is different, so final pounds and price may vary). Butcher costs are around $65/lamb. The deposit will come off your final total due. 

Make whatever cuts you want! Keep only what you want - no liver? no problem! Package how you want: small family and you only want a couple chops per package - no problem! The butcher will call you to get your cutting instructions or you can fill out the new online form. See our Bulk page for FAQs.

This deposit will come off your final total amount due. We pick the lamb up from the butcher and arrange a convenient time/location to meet you. If you are further away, then we will make arrangements to overnight ship (shipping charges will apply). 

Our slow-to-grow, pasture-raised lamb offers you the convenience of high-quality lamb at your fingertips! From summer grilling to holiday parties, you will experience the practical convenience of having a broad selection of cuts in your freezer whenever needed. If you care about time savings, economical savings, and health savings, order lamb in bulk from Together Farms today! See our blog for bulk FAQ information and our website.

Notes: automatic delivery fees will be taken off the deposit total before before processing. There is a 3% convenience fee added to credit card payments on the remaining balance due at delivery (after the deposit is taken off). Partial payments are available, please email for more information. 

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