Meat Membership Card - $200

Meat Membership Card - $200

Save 10% on retail cuts!
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Now you can be a card carrying member of Together Farms and save 10% on your orders*! 

How it Works: You will get $200 worth of meat but will only pay $180. You can use as much or as little of the $200 during one transaction as you'd like. Think of it as a pre-paid debit card.

Build your own bundle! Tired of waiting for us to have enough inventory to bring bundles back? Think of this as a way to build your own! And stop waiting. 

Every time you purchase meat we will deduct it from your balance and notify you of your remaining balance for future orders.

To Get Your Card: Either add to your cart or make a comment in the notes that you'd like to purchase one. The online store is not able to manage the card balance so when you add the card
and your products to your cart it will look like you are spending money on both but we will adjust all this on the back-end so you are only charged for the card. Of course, you need to put your order in so we know what you want!

We will have a hard-copy of your balance too for in-person events like farmer's markets. You will be emailed your order total and balance available for your next order.

*The card is only for use on regularly priced retail cuts of meat (freezer meals, ebooks, wholes, halves, quarters, bundles or items already on sale are NOT included). The meat membership is replacing the meat CSA. Under the CSA you got whatever cuts of meat we decided everyone should get and all at once; now with the membership you can choose the cuts you want whenever you want! We still get the money up front and you still get the discount (10%) so it's win-win. :) 

Save even more! We also offer a $500 card that will give you 15% off regularly-priced items. https://togetherfarms.grazecar...