Pork, Bones

Pork, Bones

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Pork broth! I don't know why this isn't ever talked about in recipes (probably because factory farmed pigs are the saddest* of all and we shouldn't concentrate anything from them but our pigs are the happiest and healthiest of all so let's talk about it!). Make it and use it anywhere you would use chicken or beef stock! Especially great in anything like Split Pea Soup where you are already using pork meat (ham). 

Weights range from 3 to 6 lbs per bag so let us know in the order comments if you'd like us to err on the high or low side. 

*Get our free ebooks from our website (togetherfarms.com) to learn why pigs are the saddest: Top 4 Reasons to Know Your Farmer & Your Meat and the eCookbook: Mix It Up

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