Deposit: Freezer Meal Workshop, Sunday, Oct 20

Deposit: Freezer Meal Workshop, Sunday, Oct 20

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Imagine coming home to a supper that is ready to eat; no questions, no fighting, nobody feeling all the pressure to get something on the table while everyone else is relaxing, no stopping at the store on your way home, no expensive and unhealthy take out or delivery and NO dishes! These meals might be for you if supper causes stress or results in making unhealthy decisions you don't want to be making. 

Do you need to just eat and sit down for a minute when you get home? These meals are for you! Want to have time to make a salad or maybe even a dessert but you have no time or energy left at the end of the day? Use these meals to help! Have fun with your box of CSA veggies - the main dish is done!  

Want to try new recipes and add some spice to your meal life? I think these can help!

All of these meals (unless otherwise noted) are designed to go in the slow cooker in the morning and to be finished when you get home. This will give you back some mental and physical energy to put into the things you love and are passionate about! For me, it's my family. When I come home to a supper that's ready to eat, I have the energy to fight the temptation and be firm with the kids that we are NOT going to sit in front of the TV and eat. I don't know why it's a fight because we all love eating together but being lazy just seems to be our default and I have to have the energy to stand against it. 

These meals make a great gift for moms-to-be, moms-of-many, hostesses, anyone stressed out or overwhelmed with life, people remodeling their kitchen or traveling a lot for the holidays, college kids (or your kid that just can't or won't learn to cook), those experiencing a loss in the family or dealing with sickness. To make the gift complete, pair with a bottle of wine, a slow cooker, kitchen towels or utensils, a loaf of bread....the ideas are endless! 

Why are these different than most meal kits? 

They are ready when you get recipes or packaging to wade through, just scoop and eat!

Most of the meat in those kits is nothing special and is likely from factory farms, let's all try to stop supporting meat factories that are destructive on many levels and instead support small, local farmers that are building the community and environment up! Oh, and have much happier animals. :) 

These meals are also excellent for your health! No gluten, no dairy and mostly organic ingredients including our nutrient-dense direct-from-the-farm meats! Most of the meals are just meat, veggies and spices....wholesome and nourishing! Plus they work with almost all diets (whole 30, paleo, keto) but if there's something you need to keep out you can easily do that at the workshop! 

Class Details

Workshop will be at the farm from 2-5pm. 

Sign-up deadline Wednesday 16th.

I will teach you everything I know about freezer meals, meal prep, slow cookers and any questions you have. You will get a copy of the Make Sheet (recipes) to take home.

Fully customize each meal AND the quantities of each meal you take home - want zero of some? No problem! 5 of another? Easy! But, this means your final invoice will be specific to you, so the deposit will hold your spot and then come off your final total which will be due on the day of the class. Hope you can join us! :)

The Meal Options!

  • to be announced

After I receive your deposit, I will send you a google form to make your meal choices. $10 off if you make 10 and $25 off if you make 20!

Servings: I assume 1/4# of meat per serving. This serving guess does not include any of the recommended side dishes. The google form will include a complete listing of ingredients. 

Full ingredients for each meal will be posted on the facebook event page: 

Additional classes are being held: 

  • also to be announced

Note that any shipping fees will be taken off before your card is processed so the final deposit total will only be $25. Final payment will be due at the class, cash and check preferred. A 3% convenience fee is added to credit card payments on the remaining balance after the deposit is taken off.


    No weird stuff, no cans of something, no pre-packaged foods. Almost all organic and just good meat, sauces, spices and veggies!