Complete listing of all the products Together Farm's carries.

Bundle, Bacon!

It's Back!

Bundle, Beef & Easy

Slow Cooker & InstaPot Lovers!! FREE Ebook!

Bundle, Beef!

Perfect for small freezers and families!

Bundle, Breakfast Lovers

The actual best part of waking up! 2X's the Breakfast Sampler!

Bundle, Breakfast Sampler

The actual best part of waking up! A selection of Breakfast Favorites!

Bundle, Breakfast Stock Up

Love breakfast AND have freezer space? This one's for you! 4 Packages of each of the Breakfast Faves!

Bundle, Pork Chops

Three Types of Chops! One Stop!

Cow Cutting Board

Ultimate cheese board

Discount Grab Bag

$10.00/lb. Avg. 1 lb.

eCookbook Bundle

PDF, Word and Excel

eCookbook, Meat to Meals: Quarter Cow

PDF, Word and Excel files!

eCookbook, Pork Chop Bundle

Free with chop bundle!

eCookbook, Slow Pig

PDF, Word and Excel files!

Farm Tour

Call for Details!

Gift Box, Build Your Own Burger

#1 Selling Good Fat Burger Kit

Gift Box, Dad's

or Father-in-Law!